Bodyvision 1.19

Monitor body parameters for healthcare and training needs
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TANITA Corporation
Monitor body fat parameters of a patient. Connect to a compatible hardware component and process data according to classic algorithms to calculate the percentage of fat, run bioelectrical impedance analysis operations. Generate and view detailed reports.

For almost 65 years, Tanita has been, and continues to be, the world leader in precision electronic scales. In 1992 we introduced the world's first integrated body fat monitor for professional use, based on BIA technology (bioelectrical impedance analysis). Since then Tanita was, once again, first to bring this technology to the consumer for personal use at home. Tanita's performance, innovation, and quality are trusted worldwide.
This software displays the readings from the BC-601 in a graphical trend. Different diagrams can be chosen. Language English.
Recommended operating systems:
Windows XP, Vista or 7

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